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Thank you for visiting Database Systems Corp. ( DSC )

predictive dialer DSC is a privately held corporation founded in 1978. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, our company develops and markets computer software products and computer telephony systems for a wide variety of industries and government organizations.

Database likewise provides consulting services relating to our products including in-house and on-site training, customer support and maintenance, and customized development. DSC has developed the PACER predictive dialer phone system which includes a full featured IVR system and ACD software. Voice broadcasting systems and services are provided by our organization, along with our award winning CRM software solution - Telemation.

Why Choose Database Systems Corp.?

DSC has a proven history of success in our industry with a depth in technical expertise, service, and products that is hard to match. We can provide your organization with reliable and time-tested solutions. Database has weathered the ups and downs of our volatile industry by focusing on our strengths and listening to the needs of our users.

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Database Systems Corp. Call Center Products and Services

Since the Company's inception in 1978, DSC has specialized in the development of software productivity tools, call center products, cti software with computer telephony interfaces, and call center predictive dialing systems with IVR software. These products have been developed to work in a local area network and over the internet. Although each of these products stands alone, they all work in a totally integrated fashion and are designed to provide you with a one stop call center solution. The following is a summary of these products and services.

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Automatic Answering Service and IVR Phone Systems

Welcome to EasyIVR, the IVR phone answering service and voice mail broadcasting center for Database Systems Corp. (DSC). IVR refers to Interactive Voice Response - we provide both turnkey IVR systems and complete outsourcing phone services using our award winning IVR technology and facilities. Our IVR software provides flexible results and minimal development. Using open technology, IVR solutions can access information anywhere on your network and over the web.

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