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Thin Client computing thin client software

Thin Client Software Development for the Internet

WOW - Window On the Web® adds a new dimension to program and application development. Traditional application development techniques can be applied to software developed to run on the Internet as well as your local area network. Full graphic and multi-media programs can be developed on UNIX or LINUX servers that execute on your remote Windows® PCs, giving you the flexibility and power of your server systems and the ease of use and mobility of your networked PCs. Plus your applications automatically will run on the Web!

Remote Agents and Workforce Mobility

WOW technology opens the door for remote agents and home based support centers. With secure applications, employees can work from remote offices and from the convenience of their homes using the same applications that are running in the office. This is more than just a convenience. Consider the implication of giving all or part of your workforce the ability to work from home. No more traffic delays or weather outages. And you can expand your potential workforce to include individuals who cannot commute to an office.

Window On the Web Demonstration

Database Systems Corp. has prepared a full length presentation of its WOW development system that you can easily download and view. Included in this presentation is a sample demonstration of a WOW application running over the internet. This presentation includes WOW's robust features. Also included is a presentation on remote agents and web capabilities. Simply click on the image to your left to start the download process and view our WOW demonstration.

Thin Client Computing

Window On the Web (WOW) is a thin client software development toolkit designed for application developers who want to write programs on a LINUX, UNIX or WINDOWS server that operate on Windows PCs. Features include complete graphical user interface (GUI) including enhanced graphic and multi-media support. These PCs can be connected to the LINUX server via a Local Area Network (LAN) or through the Internet. This product includes a complete application development toolkit that runs on the server as well as a thin client component that resides on each desktop PC. Applications can change rapidly, but the thin client is a static component that does not need to be updated when your server program changes. Graphics and multi-media can be cached locally for fast execution.


  • Web applications can be developed without a browser
  • Traditional programming techniques can be used with thin client software
  • No HTML, JAVA, etc . . .
  • Server based computing toolkit for defining PC Windows
  • Server applications written in C, Cobol, or other compile language
  • Thin client software can communicate with one or more server applications
  • Separate WINDOWS client running on each user PC.
  • Thin client software does not need to be updated when server application changes
  • Server based computing API set of functions to control the display of Windows
  • Thin client software functions with linux windows software
  • Thin client software functions with unix windows software
  • Full graphics and multi-media support

Product Information

For further technical information regarding Window On the Web, refer to our WOW page. Contact DSC to learn more about our thin client software and linux windows software.

WOW Window On the Web® is a trademarked product of Database Systems Corp.