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phone dialers Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of computer telephony integration products and services including phone systems and cti applications.

DSC provides and automatic phone dialer system which is a state-of-the-art computer telephony dialer that handles both inbound and outbound phone calls. Our phone dialers support both analog (Wizard Series) and digital (Pacer Series) phone lines and can be configured from 1 to a 1000 lines.

Outbound calls can be initiated by the phone dialer or inbound calls can be accepted and distributed in an intelligent fashion to service representatives using our ACD and IVR systems. Developed with industry standard components (Dialogic, Intel, and Windows), the DSC phone system has features and functions that can only be found in large scale PBXs, but at a fraction of the cost. And our automatic phone dialer has capability that cannot be found in most of these larger phone systems.

Contact DSC to learn more about our phone dialer systems and software.

Message Broadcasting Phone Dialer

Our phone dialer system can be configured to automatically broadcast phone messages or to make calls that are connected to your "live" agents.

With the optional IVR systems available with this phone system, callers can perform self-help functions without speaking with your agents by making simple selections using the keypad on their phone sets. Plus these phone dialers can connect calls to your employees who are working at home or in remote offices.

Phone Dialers with Web Phone Connection

If business requires an agent to responding to your phone calls, we can connect your phone reps to our phone system in multiple ways. If your existing web or PC application requires integration with our auto dialer, we can provide you with a complete computer telephony integration library of telephone functions that you can embed in these applications.

Our sophisticated Internet Phone can be used with an existing Web application, without any modification to your existing web programs. And finally, our Softphone application can reside on your agent's PC that simply gives your operators phone functionality from the desktop.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) also provides a complete CRM application for centers that require this type of contact management solution.

With all of these options, your phone agents can be working from your office where our auto dialer resides, or they can work from home over the internet.

Complete Phone Dialer Systems

DSC now offers an affordable and expandable phone dialer and voice broadcasting (VB) analog phone system. This 4 line auto dialing system includes our voice message and broadcast Wizard software or comes optionally with our comprehensive software development toolkit. You can program your own system or we can provide you with a custom message broadcasting application. These applications can be easily ported to our digital T1 phone system (PACER) when your call volume requires a larger system.

This entry level system can be easily expanded by adding agent lines and software to support a small call center operation including complete CRM applications and predictive dialing solutions. DSC provides voice broadcast software including our VB wizard development tool for creating voice broadcasting applications. This wizard guides you through each step when defining your VB applications. Informational phone applications can be developed quickly. Simply record your phone prompts and fill in the blanks.

Different Phone Dialer Techniques

The DSC phone dialers call numbers from a computer managed list. Our phone dialer delivers messages to individuals or answering machines or can distribute the calls to live operators. There are several types of auto dialing methods that are supported by our PACER and WIZARD phone systems.

  • Preview Phone Dialer allows your phone agents to view the call information prior to the call being placed. The agent can decide not to initiate the call.

  • Progressive Phone Dialers passes the call information to the agent at the same time the number is being dialed by the phone dialer. The agent usually has a few seconds to view the call information, but cannot stop the call process.

  • Predictive Phone Dialing is more sophisticated because the phone dialer automatically calls several numbers and only passes a call to your agent when a person has been contacted. This eliminates busy signals, answering machines, etc.

  • Voice Broadcasting Phone Dialer delivers a pre-recorded message to live answers and answering machines. If another call status is detected (busy, etc.), our phone systems can reschedule the call for a later time. Simple messages can be delivered or the call recipient can be presented with an IVR script that accepts touch phone responses.

  • Smart Message Phone Dialing places calls, plays recorded messages and prompts, and passes the calls to your agents only when the called individual requests a contact.

Smart Message Phone Dialing

auto dialer The DSC predictive dialer saves you time and money because the phone dialer is eliminating non-productive calls. But the DSC auto dialers can go even further. Using our Smart Predictive Dialing features, the DSC phone dialers can pre-qualify calls and only pass calls to your agents that express an interest. Since more than 90% of predictive calls result in "No Interest", your call center can realize tremendous productivity savings. Combining predictive and IVR features with our Text To Speech software, the DSC phone dialer plays a pre-recorded message and lets the called individual make touchphone selections to continue. They can talk with an agent, request a call back, or even leave a recorded message.

It is important that your dialer support these various types because all calling campaigns do not fit just one dialing scheme. Business to business (B2B) campaigns generally are far more productive using preview and progressive dialing, whereas predictive dialing can be very effective in business to consumer (B2C) campaigns.

Inbound Call Distribution and Call Recording

The DSC phone system is far more than just an automated dialing phone system. The DSC phone dialers have complete inbound call distribution capability including an ACD system and an optional IVR system. Callers can be prompted to enter an account number, type of service required, etc. and the DSC autodialer will provide the requested information or transfer the caller to the appropriate service agent. The DSC phone dialers can blend all of these tasks together, making your call center a complete and powerful service center. Reports from our phone dialers can be obtained quickly and easily, giving you an accurate and timely view of your center's operation. Plus all or selected inbound and outbound calls can be recorded for quality assurance and legal purposes.

Phone Dialers and Work From Home Agents

auto dialing software An important benefit of today's telecommunication advancement is the ability for your employees to work from home. Database Systems Corp. has developed a family of telecom products that facilitate and promote this capability. Our DSC call center phone dialers, combined with our CRM application software and computer telephony products, fully support remote agents.

Now your workforce can be significantly expanded with the addition of work at home employees. The economic savings and environmental advantages are significant.

To obtain additional information about our remote agent capability with our phone dialers and autodialers, view our Remote Agent page.

Phone Dialer Product Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our phone dialig systems and software.

NOTE: Certain telemarketing activities and the use of pre-recorded messages and auto dialers are governed by state and federal law. Please familiarize yourself with these laws by visiting our Telemarketing Sales Rules web page.