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database signup Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call center technology which includes automated phone systems as well as call center outsourcing phone services. Our phone systems are state-of-the-art computer telephony integration systems that include IVR (interactive voice response) and voice broadcasting features.

DSC has developed the PACER and WIZARD call center phone systems which feature IVR systems and ACD software. Voice broadcasting systems and services are provided by our organization.

CARE (Call Reassurance) is a program developed by DSC that automatically checks in on enrolled senior citizens, ensuring their well-being. This system and service is proviced by local police and sheriff's offices, but is also provided by DSC directly through our call centers. CARE does more than checking in on seniors. CARE provides medication reminders and checks in on latchkey kids.

If you are interested in purchasing your own phone system, Contact DSC to obtain further information and a quotation.

DSC Service and Product Signup Forms

Database Systems Corp. provides solutions for both organizations as well as individuals. The following are links to web pages that contain signup forms for specific Database Systems Corp. products and services.

Organizational Signup (Business, Government, Etc.)

The following registration links are provided to government, business, or community groups who wish to use DSC's call processing services.

  • IVR Registration Questionaire - Interactive voice response (IVR) service and phone systems that automatically answer 800 number calls and process transactions.

  • Voice Broadcasting - Online service sends phone and text messages to organizations, communities and individuals.

  • Emergency Notification - Community service program designed to send emergency voice and text warnings to communities and organizations.

  • School Calling Program - Send call messages to students, teachers and administrators for both emergency and non-emergency events.

  • Church Calling Program - Send phone messages to members of a congregation or church to announce meetings and events.

Individual Signup

For individuals who wish to subscribe to our calling services, DSC provides the following registration forms.

  • CARE (Call Reassurance) - Telephone reassurance program and service designed to check up on the well-being of seniors.

  • Latchkey Kids - CARE calling program that allows parents to check in on children who are at home alone after school.

  • Medication Reminders - Call reassurance service for seniors that automatically sends voice reminders to take their medication.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Contact DSC to learn more about our call center software and phone systems with computer telephony software.