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predictive dialers and crm software
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predictive dialers and crm software

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Remote Agents & Remote Access Call Centers

DSC also offers a remote agent capability to its call center software TELEMATION. Known as RACC, this feature allows "at home" agents and supervisors to remotely access TELEMATION over the internet. Once connected, these agents can participate in the same voice and data campaigns currently in progress at the call center. This includes no less than inbound, outbound, blended, and even predictive dialing campaigns. For all practical purposes, its just as if agents are still working at the call center.

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A few "Frequently Asked Questions" that explains it all.

What’s needed at the remote location to access TELEMATION at the call center?

The remote agent needs only a Windows PC, access to the internet, a spare telephone line, and DSC’s “WOW thin client” loaded on the PC’s desktop. ( The spare telephone line is only required if the remote agent will participate in inbound, outbound, and/or predictive dialing campaigns. )

What’s needed at the call center ?

TELEMATION, the PACER phone switch, and registration of the user's LAN for internet access. (Registration is an inexpensive and simple process.) No web server required!

What additional software is required from DSC ?

None. DSC uses its imbedded technology Window On the Web ( WOW ) and PACER Over Web ( POW ) to make the entire access to TELEMATION over the internet appear identical as if accessed locally. It’s just that simple!

Does TELEMATION react differently for remote agents ?

No! Agents virtually see no difference between working at the call center or working remotely. Agents therefore do not need retraining for working remote.

How and when does the agent log in ?

The agent typically logs into TELEMATION once per day. This initial connection is made via the internet using the WOW Thin Client. At this log in, the PACER either dials the agent's phone number currently on file, or one indicated at this time. The agent's line then remains connected to the PACER phone switch until a request for log out is encountered. The PACER also assigns an extension number used to identify this person along with the actual physical connection. Sometime after, TELEMATION uses the agent’s IP address to send screen pops, data, and other specific call center information to the agent’s PC. Transactions also requiring voice are passed via the already connected line from the PACER. At some point in the day, the agent signs off and disconnects.

If the agent requires a break, or needs to change to another campaign, is the agent required to disconnect and log back in ?

NO. The RACC supports multiple sessions, breaks, and the changing of campaigns without a sign off or disconnect required.

Can remote agents be monitored just as if they were physically located at the call center ?

YES. Not only can remote agents be monitored by the call center, but supervisors can monitor all agents remotely!

What are the major benefits of implementing RACC or any CRM solution from DSC?

In summary, DSC provides a single source for all the major components necessary to support the RACC and any CRM requirement in general. e.g. This includes the CRM application Telemation, the phone system PACER Series, and the software toolkit NDK which was used to develop the entire call center solution. Since all these components were developed in house by one vendor, only one call is ever necessary for support or special requests.

Where can I obtain more information regarding the technology behind RACC?

For more information, see WOW for general details or contact DSC.