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Database Company History

Database Systems Corp. was incorporated in 1978 in the State of Arizona. Since it's inception, the Company has remained a privately held corporation. DSC has successfully worked with many Fortune 500 companies, and continues to provide  a varied cross section of  businesses, large and small, with state-of-the-art call center products and CTI technologies. However, a software Company cannot survive on engineering excellence alone. As a practical matter, a  major reason for the Company's success is the commitment and dedication  to customer support. For example, the distance between the front line support representatives and the Company owners is just one office away!! In short, DSC is not only committed to providing its clients with the best engineered products possible, but a customer service department that continues a commitment to excellence.  We believe DSC's greatest asset is still the good will of our customers! 

Significant events in the Company since 1978

1979 Developed first database product POWERPlus and sold the rights to this product to PRIME COMPUTER.
1980 Developed additional application development tools TRANSACT and FASTPlus.
1981 Signed license agreements with General Electric, Tennessee Valley Authority, Kuwait Oil and Rand McNally.
1982 Developed first  call center application for Service Agency at Central Management Corp.
1984 Developed first CTI software application using the ASPECT application bridge for Service Agency at Alert Communications.
1986 Developed Telemation and installed package at AARP, Proctor & Gamble, Land O' Lakes, NFIB, others.
1988 Signed first telecom agreement with U.S. West while developing our first UNIX version of Telemation.
1989 Entered first agreement with American Express and developed an interface to the AT&T (Lucent) Definity phone system.
1995 Developed DSC's first predictive dialer product using DIALOGIC telephony boards, and W/NT.
1996 Modified predictive dialer to work with the Lucent Definity phone system. Entered agreement with Bell Atlantic for Telemation.
1997 Integrated predictive dialer to work with ASPECT phone system. Announced first WINDOWS based version of Telemation.
1998 Integrated Network Development Kit ( NDK ) for use over the internet.
2000 Developed next generation of predictive dialer and named it PACER Series for use with  Telemation.
2001 Developed Window On the Web (WOW) which in turn created Remote Agent Call Center ability.
2002 Developed PACER IVR Software and Voice Broadcasting Software. Introduced IVR and Voice Broadcasting Outsourcing Call Center ability.
2004 Developed Wizard Phone System with IVR and Voice Broadcasting Software. Introduced Wizard Analog Phone System with IVR and Voice Braodcasting Call Center ability.
2005 Developed CARE (Call Reassurance) System For Senior Reassurance
2007 Updated CARE Solution To Include Latchkey Children and Medication Reminders.