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predictive dialers and crm software
computer telephony software predictive dialer

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predictive dialers and crm software
computer telephony software predictive dialer

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predictive dialers and crm software
computer telephony software predictive dialer

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predictive dialers and crm software

Friday September 26, 10:00 am Eastern Time
SOURCE: Database Systems Corp.

Database Systems Corp. is awarded contract to provide PACER phone system
and Telemation CRM Software to the Oregon Department Of Corrections.

Inside Oregon Enterprises opens call center in Oregon prison system.

PHOENIX, September 26, 2003 Database Systems Corp. is pleased to announce today that it has been awarded a contract from the State of Oregon, specifically the Oregon Department Of Corrections. Systems and services include the design and implementation of an outbound call center application using our state of the art telecommunication phone system (PACER) and award winning customer relationship management CRM software - Telemation. As a part of the Oregon prison system, Inside Oregon Enterprises is tasked with providing quality training and motivation to inmates who wish to learn job skills necessary to compete in the private sector when they are released. One of the work programs is learning telecommunications skills and performing call center activities such as literature fulfillment. The PACER phone system will be used to make outbound calls, connecting inmate agents with contacted individuals. Telemation will track the call information and help the agents status each call.

About The Oregon Department Of Corrections - Inside Oregon Enterprises

The mission of Inside Oregon Enterprises is to promote public safety by providing inmates with meaningful work experience in a self-sustatining organization. One of the business units within this group is the telecommunications organization. Inside Oregon Enterprises has built and staffed a call center, utilizing prison inmates as phone attendants. To date, call success rates of this call center has exceeded that of comparable call centers in the private sector. For further information regarding the Oregon Department of Corrections and Inside Oregon Enterprises, visit their web site at

About Database Systems Corp.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Database Systems Corp., founded in 1978, provides call center technology to small, medium and large call centers throughout the country. Primarily a software company, Database has also developed its own PC based phone system (PACER) for use in small to medium call centers. PACER includes predictive dialer, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, and call recording features. Database has also developed a complete CRM software application toolkit (TELEMATION) as well as CTI software systems. DSC products run on most UNIX servers including IBM, SUN, HP, and LINUX, as well as WINDOWS based servers. Further information about Database can be found on the Web at