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predictive dialers and crm software
computer telephony software predictive dialer

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predictive dialers and crm software
computer telephony software predictive dialer

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web development tools
web design software Database Systems Corp. has expanded its product offerings with internet telephony and web design support. Database lets you combine traditional client/server applications with our internet development products. These include the DSC Web Designer which broadens our Telemation CRM application with eCRM capability. Windows over the web lets you create PC applications that run over the internet or on a local area network (LAN). And our CTI softphone and ip telephony software connects applications developed on a PC or Web Browser with our call center phone system.

Enhance Your Applications With Internet Telephony

Connect your employees to a variety of phone systems using one standard interface with our internet telephony software. CTI enable your existing web applications by placing phone functions and features within your existing desktop programs, whether they are designed for the internet or Windows. Or simply use our stand-alone softphone in conjunction with these existing applications. It too can run either on a LAN or over the Web!

The Universal Softphone connects to our PACER Series phone system, or it can connect to a wide variety of phone systems such as the Avaya Definity, Nortel Meridian, Rockwell, or Aspect phone systems. PLUS extensive reports, statistics, and graphs are included with this softphone to help you effectively manage the use of your phone system.

Our Universal Softphone functions on your LAN or over the Internet, enabling your employees to work either in your corporate offices, satellite remote offices or from the convenience of home. See our (CTI Software) page for further details.

DSC Web Designer with Text Chat

web design software The DSC Designer enhances our Telemation CRM application by adding internet access and web development software functionality to our already robust (CRM Software) product. Users may now have access to the same data and information over the internet that your call center agents have in-house. This immediately expands the capability of your call center by giving customers and prospects the ability to perform self-help functions such as on-line registration, dealer lookup, order status and update and much more.

The Web Development Software lets you create web pages from your existing campaign windows or lets you embed campaign fields within your existing web pages. Action buttons can be defined to perform call center functions including text chat, enabling your customers to contact the next available agent in your call center for questions and assistance. Your call center has now been expanded by this internet dimension!

Window On the Web (WOW) Software Toolkit

ip telephony software and internet telephony software Window On the Web (WOW) is a thin client software development toolkit designed for application developers who want to write programs on a LINUX, UNIX, or WINDOWS server that operate on Windows PCs. Features include complete graphical user interface (GUI) including enhanced graphic and multi-media support. These PCs can be connected to a server via a Local Area Network (LAN) or through the Internet. This product includes a complete application development toolkit that runs on a LINUX, UNIX, or WINDOWS server as well as a thin client component that resides on each desktop PC. Applications can change rapidly, but the thin client is a static component that does not need to be updated when your server application changes. Graphics and multi-media can be cached locally for fast execution. For a complete product presentation, download our WOW demo.

Product Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our ip telephony and internet telephony software.