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Insurance Leads and Insurance Marketing Directory

Database Systems Corp. provides the technology and products that can improve the productivity of your insurance marketing department. Our insurance marketing phone system and insurance telemarketing software can streamline your operation while providing controls and consistency in your organization.

But this technology can only help your insurance marketing program if your insurance leads contain qualified prospective clients.

Since DSC does not provide insurance leads to our clients, we created this directory to assist them in obtaining valid and qualified insurance leads.

If you are an insurance leads provider and would like your website included in this directory, please use our Submit Insurance Leads Website form. It's FREE and simple to add your website.

The following is a list of organizations that according to their website descriptions provide insurance leads. Database Systems Corp. is not affiliated with any of these organizations nor does it promote or endorse the products and services of these companies. These websites promote various types of insurance leads including Insurance Marketing Leads, Homeowner Insurance Leads, Automobile Insurance Leads, Health Insurance Leads, etc.

NOTE Information presented on this page was provided by each company or found on the website listed with this company. Database Systems Corp. does not warrant the accuracy of this information. For current information, please visit the website listed with each organization.

Insurance Leads Providers

Featured Insurance Leads Websites

  • ABC Leads - drives our exclusive life insurance leads through You will receive a mixture of whole, term, variable, and universal life insurance leads. All of our life insurance leads are only sent to 1 agent and are sent instantly. These leads are $25.00 each

  • -

    Whether you’re looking for exclusive or non-exclusive insurance leads, life, disability, long term care, annuity, health, financial planning, homeowners or auto, we are your source. We’ll earn your business with the quality of our product, and keep you coming back with our customer service!

Additional Insurance Lead Providers (listed alphabetically)

  • 1st Insurance Leads -

    1st Insurance Leads provides an insurance lead referral service matching prospective buyers and licensed agents of term life, whole life, variable life, universal life, long term care, disability, cancer insurance, group insurance, health, annuities and auto insurance.

  • 1st Insurance Quotes -

    Agents: Improve Your Sales with a Leader in Life Insurance Leads! We recognize the significance of high quality, real-time life insurance leads. After all, less time making cold calls means more time for you! Center your energies on real sales, closing deals, exceptional customer service and boosting your income!

  • - has been helping insurance agents, brokers, and companies expand their geographic marketing boundaries since 1997 by enabling them to reach consumers in all 50 states who are looking for quotes on any of 12 lines of insurance, including: Auto, Home, Renters, Condo & Co-op, Flood, Motorcycle, Life, Individual Health, Group Health, Annuities, Long Term Care, Boat, Commercial Auto, and Workmen's Compensation.

  • AccuData -

    Whether you are looking for mortgage leads to offer refinancing, mortgage loan leads, mortgage insurance leads or mortgage broker leads, AccuData's data experts are standing by to help you with all of your needs.

  • AgentInsider -

    AgentInsider leads are pre-filtered. InsWeb’s unique online application segments consumers answering that they are not currently insured, that they have been licensed for less than three years, OR that any driver on the policy has two or more accidents and violations, and excludes them from AgentInsider distribution. This increases the quality of the leads you receive, as well as the business you write.

  • AllMedia Inc. -

    As a leads list broker, AllMedia works for you to identify the reliable lists from those that are not worth your money. We negotiate the list cost on your behalf so you know that you are getting the lowest price possible. You’ll save money, and you’ll get higher conversion and ROI rates.

  • Auto Insurance Group -

    If you are an insurance agent or broker and are looking for auto insurance leads, can send you quality leads.

  • Auto Insurance Leads -

    Auto Insurance Leads: Get your free account today and start purchasing quality auto insurance prospects, which we generate from our database of consumer websites! We deliver each lead instantaneously, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You will get only quality leads from

  • - is a auto leads generation company that generates auto insurance leads across the United States. We advertise auto insurance leads in National industry magazines and across the Internet to find consumers in the need of insurance product(s). Thousands of consumers visit our auto insurance leads web sites on a weekly basis in search of an insurance quote. So the auto leads consumer is actively searching for your assistance in obtaining an auto insurance quote. This means that your auto leads are consumer initiated and the consumer is actively in search of your auto insurance leads agent services. So in a sense, supplies an informational auto leads link between consumers and insurance agents. This informational link services and benefits both consumer and insurance agent.

  • Budget Life Insurance -

    Need leads? Ours are emailed hot off this site. Prospects receive a cost estimate, and have asked to be called by an agent to help them select the best company. Our leads have asked to be called by an independent agent. They are actively shopping; they found our Web sites by searching for term life insurance.

  • Corente Insurance Agency -

    Fresh High-Quality Leads and Complete Service - Corente Insurance Agency is the provider with purpose. Our goal is to have our agents first in the door, which offers them the best chance to close the sale. We provide ongoing friendly support and service to all of our field agents throughout the country. Our leads are fresh, literally faxed to you within 1 to 3 days of the proposed insured completing the Mortgage Insurance Reply Card. Based on our national average you can expect to receive 15 leads per week. These will convert into 10 to 12 appointments which will result in 3 to 5 sales averaging $2700 in commissions per week.

  • Credit Leads -

    Credit Leads specializes in the generation of exclusive, fresh, financial leads. Our Financial Leads are self-qualified and close with consistency.

    We can customize your Financial Lead Package to fit your needs and opportunities.

  • - is the industry leader in providing high quality, real time sales leads to professionals looking for interested prospects. Receiving a continuous stream of interested customers allows you to focus on closing business and meeting your sales expectations.

  • Disability Insurance Leads -

    Dating back to 1996 and the commercial launch of the internet, we've been a leading, innovative marketing company. We have pioneered insurance industry Internet-based lead generation and now we're offering those same agents and brokers never before seen control oftheir marketing programs! Users can select just the leads that he or she wants to start filling their sales pipelines immediately. With, real time leads are available in a click of the mouse!

  • - Insurance Leads -

    Insurance Leads Generator - GoLeads is the perfect source for business sales leads. That’s because it’s only $9.95/month per salesperson. No matter if you target businesses in Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon, GoLeads has one of the most comprehensive and accurate business databases on or off the web. Perfect for growing your business.

  • Health Leads - specializes in providing the highest quality leads available today for Individual Health Producers. All Leads are pre-qualified and are from people interested in receiving a Health Insurance quote. The Lead sheets include an in depth questionnaire with Name, Age, State, Telephone, Email, Deductible Preexisting Condition.

  • Homeowners Insurance Leads -

    At you get to choose your leads from a real-time database! With hundreds of Internet sites focused on production of leads, we have the Homeowner Insurance prospects you need. The leads are quality checked prior to being inserted into the real-time lead database, where they can be purchased online.

  • Insurance 4 USA -

    Get "real time" qualified insurance leads the instant consumers submit for an insurance quote. No deposit required, no monthly fees, or lead minimums... guaranteed!

  • Insurance-E-Leads -

    Insurance-e-leads is a great deal different than what you have come to expect from internet lead companies. First, you will find us on the first page of the top search engines.

    This allows for a quantity of leads in your desired market. Secondly, the cost of leads is very affordable and you can get an exclusive lead if you desire. Third, and most significant you are the one that selects the location of the lead. If you don't want it, don't buy it. Fourth, leads are automatically screened for authenticity, meaning the client has filled in the contact screens.

  • -

    Formerly known as Electric Business, we have been one of the preeminent internet marketing sources for the insurance and financing industry since 1997. Thousands of agents, carriers, lenders and brokers trust us to consistently provide them with an endless flow of new clients generated mostly from the following highly popular website -

  • - is an Internet referral network for insurance agents and consumers. We receive auto, home, life, and health insurance quote requests from our group of Insurance websites from consumers who are shopping for coverage. Through the Internet, the prospect will furnish us with the information necessary for an insurance quote. We will then forward the information to you immediately via email. In other words, the leads are delivered to you real time from hot prospects.

  • -

    INSURANCE LEADS! We've been generating high quality insurance agent leads on the Internet since 1996! Let us do the marketing and we'll let you do what you do best: Close deals for insurance leads!

    Leads for: Life Insurance | Long Term Care Leads | Disability | Annuities | Health | Homeowners | Auto | Financial Planning

  • InsWEB -

    Protect Both Your Family and Your Mortgage with Affordable Term Life Insurance. There’s a better way to protect your family and your home than with traditional mortgage life insurance. With term life insurance rates at all time lows, now is the time to purchase the coverage that is right for you. Find out why term life insurance is the smarter alternative to safeguard both your mortgage and your loved ones.

  • LeadBot -

    Leadbot™ has generated quality life insurance leads for individual producers, carriers and marketing organizations since 1998. All life insurance leads are currently sold on an exclusive basis — one lead, one agent.

  • Lead Hunter -

    LeadHunter's unique system converts interested prospects actively searching Google and Yahoo for the things that you sell – into leads from people who have ASKED YOU TO CALL THEM in real time. Leads are generated from people searching for your product or service, and have favorably evaluated a high-profile representation of your company, and then have ASKED YOU TO CALL THEM. Simply stated, LeadHunter converts search engine traffic into contactable leads.

  • Leads 2 Results -

    All of our home owner insurance leads are generated from highly targeted websites that are designed to attract potential clients who are interested in purchasing home owner insurance. We offer home owner leads in real time or in our cherry pick database. These non-exclusive insurance leads are provided to no more than three agents or companies. We give you the option to choose specific states or area codes and pricing can vary depending on the amount purchased.

  • -

    Buy only leads you want and when you want. Preview them before you buy. Pay only for what you select, with no pre-payments, no up-front costs, no contracts, no cancellation terms, no blanket billing authorizations, no blind monthly fee and most of all, these leads are priced to sell!

  • Life Insurance Leads -

    Life Insurance brings you Insurance Prospects that are waiting for a local agent to call ! If you are looking for high quality exclusive insurance leads, look no further. We match prospective buyers of insurance products to sellers in real time.

  • Life Leads Direct -

    We at have hundreds of Internet web sites that feed qualified real-time Life insurance requests into our database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Leads are automatically checked, and then inserted into our database so that you can purchase it online!

  • Lists Are Us -

    Specializing In Life Insurance Leads and Health Insurance Leads - Insurance leads are one of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle for insurance agents. Good insurance leads produce profit, bad insurance leads waste your valuable time and money.

  • Local Agent Network -

    When a consumer submits a quote request, our system automatically faxes and emails the lead to an appropriate agent. Our service provides the right information at the right time to allow agents to increase sales. As a registered agent with our service, you will be in complete control of your account. You will decide the types of leads you receive and where they come from. Start, stop or pause service at any time through our website 24 hours a day. No other service provides the quality or flexibility that we provide.

  • Mailing Lists Direct -

    Mailing Lists Direct specializes in providing business and consumer mailing lists that are privacy-compliant, accurate and affordable. Our continuously updated direct mail lists allow you to target your market, grow your sales and increase your profits. The combination of quality data, superior customer service and impartial recommendations has made us the leading mailing list provider of choice for thousands of customers across the country.

    Whether you're new to direct mail marketing or a seasoned pro, our mailing list consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you select the right business list or consumer list for your specific needs and budget.

  • Marketing Resources -

    Marketing Resources develop fresh, exclusive, pre qualified, direct mail mortgage life insurance leads for life insurance agents and agencies across the country, and may be the only lead company that guarantees you will make sales if you follow our instructions. We provide our clients with a proven mortgage insurance sales system as part of their purchase, which is the accumulation of twenty years of experience in the insurance market. Most of our clients consider us the solution to their prospecting problems.

  • marketingEquation -

    marketingEquation is a company dedicated to improving the marketing lead results of insurance professionals. With years of insurance direct marketing experience, we have developed a proven system that has generated outstanding results for insurance professionals.

  • MC Insurance Leads -

    Mortgage insurance leads have a huge upside potential. For agents who can purchase good mortgage insurance leads, they are able to gain a significant amount of business, and insuring something as big as your mortgage is fairly costly. The potential benefit creates a lot of demand for mortgage insurance leads. However, since people rarely change their mortgage insurance, there are few actual mortgage insurance leads available. When this fact is combined with the already high level of demand, the price of mortgage insurance leads is logically pushed upwards. These high prices are able to help create equilibrium between the supply and demand of mortgage insurance leads as many agents think they are too expensive to be worthwhile.

  • Most Choice -

    Since 1999, we have helped thousands of agents succeed with highly qualified, timely Insurance Leads. All leads are:

    • Guaranteed No-Call List Compliant.
    • Customer Requested: All leads have asked for a quote.
    • Database verified phone numbers.
    • Super-Fresh. Sent to you within 3 minutes of generation.
    • No setup fees or long-term contracts.
    • Recommended by the Wall Street Journal for agent friendly consumers.

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Marketing By Phone Using Insurance Leads

Insurance sales leads software solution With technology from Database Systems Corp., we can pre-qualify your health and life insurance leads as well as automobile insurance and homeowner insurance prospects before they ever speak to your insurance agents.

Using our PACER and WIZARD phone systems with the Smart Predictive Dialing feature, we can call your prospects and play a highly focused and custom greeting. We then can give your insurance prospects the option to talk with an agent, leave a voice message, hear additional information such as the latest insurance rate quotes, schedule a call back, or simply decline the service.

The call can further qualify your prospects by asking them demographic information and desired insurance amount information. Now when your insurance agents speak with a prospect, you know there is a high level of interest. No longer will your insurance agents spend hours dialing numbers, repeating the same greeting, experiencing a high level of rejection. Your calls will be with highly qualified and interested prospects. Fewer agents can process far more insurance prospecting leads and your call success rate will increase dramatically.

Insurance Leads Qualification and Autodialer Benefits

  • Consistent Greeting and Introduction
  • Maximized Insurance Agent Productivity
  • Process Insurance Leads and Insurance Prospects
  • Track Telemarketing Insurance Leads
  • Increased Insurance Agent Success
  • Enhanced Cost Savings!
  • Improved Control of Insurance Prospects
  • Efficient Use of Resources
  • Expanded Information Capability

Contact Database Systems Corp. Today

Contact DSC to learn more about our products that process insurance leads using our Insurance auto dialer.