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Life Insurance Leads and Insurance Marketing Directory

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides the technology and products that can improve the productivity of your insurance marketing department. Our insurance marketing phone system and insurance telemarketing software can streamline your operation while providing controls and consistency in your organization.

But this technology can only help your insurance marketing program if your insurance leads contain qualified prospective clients.

Since DSC does not provide insurance leads to our clients, we created this directory to assist them in obtaining valid and qualified life insurance leads.

If you are a life insurance leads provider and would like your website included in this directory, please use our Submit Insurance Leads Website form. It's FREE and simple to add your website.

The following is a list of organizations that according to their website descriptions provide insurance leads. Database Systems Corp. is not affiliated with any of these organizations nor does it promote or endorse the products and services of these companies. These websites promote various types of insurance leads including Insurance Marketing Leads, Homeowner Insurance Leads, Automobile Insurance Leads, Life Insurance Leads, etc.

NOTE Information presented on this page was provided by each company or found on the website listed with this company. Database Systems Corp. does not warrant the accuracy of this information. For current information, please visit the website listed with each organization.

Life Insurance Leads Providers

Featured Life Insurance Websites

  • ABC Leads - www.abcleads.com

    Exclusive Life Insurance Leads - ABCLeads.com drives our exclusive life insurance leads through life-insurance-options.com. You will receive a mixture of whole, term, variable, and universal life insurance leads. All of our life insurance leads are only sent to 1 agent and are sent instantly. These leads are $25.00 each

Life Insurance Sales Lead Providers (alphabetically)

  • 1st Insurance Leads - www.1stinsuranceleads.com

    1st Insurance Leads provides an insurance lead referral service matching prospective buyers and licensed agents of term life, whole life, variable life, universal life, long term care, disability, cancer insurance, group insurance, health, annuities and auto insurance.

  • 4FreeQuotes.com - Life Insurance Sales Leads - www.4freequotes.com

    4freequotes.com has been helping insurance agents, brokers, and companies expand their geographic marketing boundaries since 1997 by enabling them to reach consumers in all 50 states who are looking for quotes on any of 12 lines of insurance, including: Auto, Home, Renters, Condo & Co-op, Flood, Motorcycle, Life, Individual Health, Group Health, Annuities, Long Term Care, Boat, Commercial Auto, and Workmen's Compensation.

  • Budget Life Insurance - www.budgetlife.com

    Need leads? Ours are emailed hot off this site. Prospects receive a cost estimate, and have asked to be called by an agent to help them select the best company. Our leads have asked to be called by an independent agent. They are actively shopping; they found our Web sites by searching for term life insurance.

  • Credit Leads - www.creditleads.net

    Life Insurance Leads - Credit Leads specializes in the generation of exclusive, fresh, financial leads. Our Financial Leads are self-qualified and close with consistency. We can customize your Financial Lead Package to fit your needs and opportunities.

  • InsureLeads.com - www.insureleads.com

    Insureleads.com is an Internet referral network for insurance agents and consumers. We receive auto, home, life, and health insurance quote requests from our group of Insurance websites from consumers who are shopping for coverage. Through the Internet, the prospect will furnish us with the information necessary for an insurance quote. We will then forward the information to you immediately via email. In other words, the leads are delivered to you real time from hot prospects.

  • Insurance-Leads.com - www.insurance-leads.com

    INSURANCE LEADS! We've been generating high quality insurance agent leads on the Internet since 1996! Let us do the marketing and we'll let you do what you do best: Close deals for insurance leads!

    Leads for: Life Insurance | Long Term Care Leads | Disability | Annuities | Health | Homeowners | Auto | Financial Planning

  • LeadBot - Life Insurance Sales Leads - www.leadbot.com

    Leadbot™ has generated quality life insurance leads for individual producers, carriers and marketing organizations since 1998. All life insurance leads are currently sold on an exclusive basis — one lead, one agent.

  • LeadsClearance.com - www.leadsclearance.com

    Internet Life Insurance Sales Leads - Buy only leads you want and when you want. Preview them before you buy. Pay only for what you select, with no pre-payments, no up-front costs, no contracts, no cancellation terms, no blanket billing authorizations, no blind monthly fee and most of all, these leads are priced to sell!

  • Life Insurance Leads - www.lifeinsurance-leads.com

    Life Insurance Leads.com brings you Insurance Prospects that are waiting for a local agent to call ! If you are looking for high quality exclusive insurance leads, look no further. We match prospective buyers of insurance products to sellers in real time.

  • Life Leads Direct - www.lifeleadsdirect.com

    We at Lifeleadsdirect.com have hundreds of Internet web sites that feed qualified real-time Life insurance requests into our database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Leads are automatically checked, and then inserted into our database so that you can purchase it online!

  • Lists Are Us - www.listsareus.com

    Specializing In Life Insurance Leads and Health Insurance Leads - Insurance leads are one of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle for insurance agents. Good insurance leads produce profit, bad insurance leads waste your valuable time and money.

  • Marketing Resources - www.mresources.org

    Marketing Resources develop fresh, exclusive, pre qualified, direct mail mortgage life insurance leads for life insurance agents and agencies across the country, and may be the only lead company that guarantees you will make sales if you follow our instructions. We provide our clients with a proven mortgage insurance sales system as part of their purchase, which is the accumulation of twenty years of experience in the insurance market. Most of our clients consider us the solution to their prospecting problems.

  • Prequalified Life Insurance Leads - www.prequalified-life-insurance-leads.com

    Prequalified-Life-Insurance.com receives lead information from a few hundred Consumer Life Insurance Quote sites that produce thousands of leads each week! All Life Insurance leads in our real-time database can be purchased on your time, accessible 24/7. We filter each lead for to ensure proper lead data and then time stamp the leads for our database. Leads are immediately available for purchase and are delivered to your email.

  • Prospect Zone - www.prospectzone.com

    Finding prospects without insurance leads can be a daunting task for many new insurance agents. As medical bills become more expensive and the population begins to live longer, health insurance becomes an absolute necessity to a larger portion of the US population. There are thousands of people out on the internet every day looking for health insurance - (read: insurance leads). Why then do many agents still sell business through old-fashioned mediums? Insurance leads from ProspectZone.com free you of the daunting task of searching for prospects, allowing you to concentrate on closing. Our insurance leads allow you to focus all your energies on what you do best: sell insurance

  • QuotesAuction.com Life Insurance Leads - www.quotesauction.com

    The key to success in the insurance business is an access to volume of the qualified prospects looking to buy insurance and are waiting for your quotes!

    Buying fresh, high quality internet leads is the most intelligent way to gain access to potential clients who just finished providing all information you need to quote them.

    While it seems there are many choices, just a few major players are holding top positions on major search engines and providing consistent volume of highest quality internet leads. QuotesAuction.com internet leads program, without a doubt, is the most intelligent choice among internet leads providers on the market.

Life Insurance Leads Processing Technology

health Insurance software solution With technology from Database Systems Corp., we can pre-qualify your life insurance leads and insurance prospects before they ever speak to your insurance agents.

Using our PACER and WIZARD phone systems with the Smart Predictive Dialing feature, we can call your prospects and play a highly focused and custom greeting. We then can give your insurance prospects the option to talk with an agent, leave a voice message, hear additional information such as the latest insurance rate quotes, schedule a call back, or simply decline the service.

The call can further qualify your prospects by asking them demographic information and desired insurance amount information. Now when your insurance agents speak with a prospect, you know there is a high level of interest. No longer will your insurance agents spend hours dialing numbers, repeating the same greeting, experiencing a high level of rejection. Your calls will be with highly qualified and interested prospects. Fewer agents can process far more insurance prospecting leads and your call success rate will increase dramatically.

Contact Database Systems Corp. Today

Contact DSC to learn more about our products that process life insurance leads using our life insurance auto dialer.