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Text To Speech Software Applications

TTS systems Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call center technology including phone systems and outsourcing services. DSC provides Text To Speech features within these products and services.

The DSC call center phone system features Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capability enriched by Text To Speech software (TTS). Other features include predictive dialing, ACD, and digital call recording. Our IVR system front ends your phone system and collects data from a caller, providing useful information back to this individual. Our Voice Broadcasting system calls individuals, playing a message that may contain information stored in a database.

These IVR and Voice Broadcasting systems give your organization a 24 by 7 capability, providing around-the-clock information to your callers using Text-To-Speech software. By responding to prompts provided by our IVR system, callers can now receive any information you choose to make available through our Text To Speech software application. Call centers in particular can become instantly more productive by letting the phone system provide the caller with information and by determining the best service representative to handle other requests.

Phone Applications Support Microsoft SAPI V5.1

Our IVR and voice broadcasting systems support Microsoft SAPI (Speech API), version 5.1. This feature allows the integration of many different speech engines including Microsoft Text To Speech and ATT Natural Voices. DSC also can license text to speech software with its systems.

Text To Speech Demonstrations

The following text to speech demonstration includes several voice options and the quality of the text to speech engine used within our call center products and services.

IVR Service with Text To Speech Software

IVR systems interactive voice response Our award winning IVR system and PACER phone system with TTS software may be purchased, or we can provide your organization IVR or Voice Broadcast Outsourcing at our own IVR call center. This "Try before you buy" option lets you test market any toll free campaign quickly, and if successful, you can very easily bring this application in-house. This also is a very cost effective alternative to acquiring your own phone system if your call volume and activity does not warrant the expense of a new phone installation.

The Benefits of an IVR Text-To-Speech System

IVR systems with text to speech software can enhance a call center by:
  • Supporting Complete 800 number inbound service
  • Extending hours of operation (24 by 7)
  • Automating routine tasks thereby freeing agents to
    concentrate on more complex service requests
  • Speeding response times to callers
  • Expanding call capacity faster and at a lower cost
  • Providing multi-lingual support with Text To Speech converter
  • Reducing the cost of call center agent turnover
Such benefits can show an immediate return on investment and make any call center more profitable.

"OPEN" IVR with Text-To-Speech Software

text-to-speech software Most IVR systems are built into the phone system or are self contained programs running on a separate system, allowing limited access to outside applications. PACER Interactive Voice Response systems operate in a client/server environment and the script that controls our IVR and text to speech systems can be developed on the Pacer Phone System, on a system residing on the same network as the Pacer, or even on a system that resides on the Internet. This program can run on the same server that contains your data and application programs. There are several advantages to using this technique. IVR applications now have complete access to all the information available to your existing database programs. The IVR system can perform functions such as dealer lookup, account update, or information access, and simply pass the results back to the PACER phone system to be played to the caller.

IVR applications can be developed using traditional programming languages such as C, C++, or even COBOL through a rich set of IVR and text to speech software APIís. We also provide you with our own IVR software scripting language called EZTRAN (which runs on Windows, Unix, or Linux) for the development of IVR applications.

XML Push Automatic Phone Messaging

The PACER IVR and Voice Broadcasting system fully supports XML Push client/server applications. Application servers can now send XML protocol messages to our PACER phone system to automatically dial a number and play a recorded message. Text messages can be transmitted and converted to a voice message using our text to speech application software. Multiple phone numbers can be transmitted as well as multiple messages, with touchphone response and call transfer capability.

IVR Applications

These are just a few applications for IVR systems with text-to-voice software:
    text-to-voice software
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Benefit Surveys
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Message and Recording Services
  • Locator Services
  • Customer Service
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Employee Testing and Evaluation
  • Order Entry
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Order Status
  • Voice Mail
  • Inventory Confirmation
  • Account Status
  • Lead Generation & Capture
  • Phone Contests and Opinion Polls

Professional Voice Recording

professional voice recording for tts system and text to speech converter To achieve the maximum results from your IVR and text-to-speech system programs, consider using our professional voice recording services. We have contracted with several professional voice talents that you can sample by visiting our Voice Overs and Voice Over Talent web page. These services can be provided to you at affordable prices and can put a finishing touch on your call campaign. The voice recordings can be produced in minimal time at a professional recording studio.

Features of our IVR and TTS System

  • Client/Server Architecture
  • 800# systems and Toll Free Number systems
  • DNIS Controlled
  • Multiple IVR Scripts
  • Play Message and Prompt
  • Phone Key Input
  • Play Music On Hold
  • Call Outside Line and Transfer
  • Call Outside Line and Prompt for Input
  • Connect Caller to Outside party
  • Record Caller Message and Store
  • User Navigation and Selection
  • Voice Mail
  • Route Caller to Selected Agent Groups
  • C or C++ library
  • EZTRAN Flow Control
  • Database Access and Update
  • Text To Speech Software (TTS)
  • Mix Messages and Text
  • IVR Response Logging and Reports

Product Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our tts software converter and text to speech system.