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predictive dialers and crm software

Friday April 1, 10:00 am Eastern Time
SOURCE: Database Systems Corp.

Web Phone adds computer telephony phone features to existing web applications without modifying HTML code.

April 1, 2005 -- Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has developed a Web Phone that connects browser applications with its phone systems. The Web Phone is a Windows application that bridges the gap between web applications that have no intrinsic phone functions and DSC's call center phone systems. Database Systems Corp. provides both analog and digital phone systems that support inbound and outbound calling campaigns. Features include all forms of automated dialing including predictive dialing. Inbound calling functions are controlled by automatic call distribution software as well as IVR interactive voice response. Complete information about this Web Phone and call center phone systems can be found at the Web Phone website.

The Web Phone is a unique program that adds phone features to existing applications without modification to the web application. The Web Phone processes phone events and invokes different web pages based upon a specific phone function (such as the receipt of a phone call). Phone event information (such as DNIS, ANI, and IVR data) can be passed to each specific page as it is displayed. Screen pops of existing applications can be easily defined using the Web Phone. This application also allows the user to initiate phone calls, record calls, and perform many other phone functions from the desktop, independent of the web application.

The Web Phone can operate equally well in a dedicated call center environment or in a remote office or home office environment. Both the Web Phone and the DSC phone system allow agents to work from home or in remote offices through the internet.

Complete, turnkey phone systems and Web Phone software solutions start at under $10K.

DSC also provides a Softphone - a desktop Windows program that allows user applications to interact with its phone systems. Applications can accept and make phone calls with screen pop of information about the caller. This softphone can be embedded in existing PC applications or can be embedded in web applications. Information about this softphone and phone system can be viewed at the Softphone web page.

Database Systems Corp. provides computer telephony phone systems that operate in small to large call centers. The WIZARD analog phone system supports 4 to 24 analog phone lines. The PACER phone system is a digital call center phone system supporting 24 to 1000 phone lines. Each system can be configured to perform both inbound and outbound calling functions including predictive dialing and automatic phone messaging functions that do not require agents. Inbound features including IVR allow callers to obtain information automatically without the assistance of operators. Simple to complex IVR scripts can be developed quickly for these systems. Automatic call distribution routes inbound calls to operators based upon company defined rules including skills based routing. Call can be monitored and recorded for legal and quality assurance purposes.

About Database Systems Corp.
DSC was founded in 1978 and provides products and services for the call center industry. Products include business phone systems, computer telephony products and CRM application software. Further information about DSC can be found at the website - EasyIVR is a service division of DSC and provides call answering services and voice message broadcasting. This service is fully described at the website. For emergency broadcasting service, visit