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Latest Database Systems Corp. Press Releases

Ivr systems in action The following informational papers have been released by Database Systems Corp. outlining recent events and customer successes achieved using our products and services.

August, 2005 - Medtronic Medtronic selects EasyIVR as the hosting center for its automated employee training and testing program.

August, 2005 - U.S. Postal Service U.S. Postal Service Selects 911 Broadcast For Emergency Notification Services During Station Closures.

July, 2005 - Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Selects 911 Broadcast For Internal Emergency Notification Services.

July, 2005 - Rankin County Police Automatic Phone Dialer Checks Well Being Of Brandon MS Residents.

April, 2005 - Database Systems Corp. DSC develops Web Phone that adds computer telephony features to existing web applications.

March, 2005 - Database Systems Corp. Database Systems Corp. announces the release of its new call center predictive dialer and softphone application software.

February, 2005 - Database Systems Corp. DSC expands call center capacity up to 2500 lines - opens call center in California and inks deal with major telecom service provider.

January, 2005 - Database System Corp. Database announces support for TTY / TDD devices for the hearing impaired.

October, 2004 - Database System Corp. Database delivers analog IVR and Voice Broadcast Systems.

January, 2004 - Rights Marketing Database Systems Corp. provides technology for Rights Marketing Inc for Opt In Phone Advertising Campaign.

October, 2003 - KB Home Database Systems Corp. signs master agreement with KB Home for national marketing phone campaigns. Initial outbound calling campaign produces two new home sales.

September, 2003 - Oregon Department Of Corrections DSC is awarded contract to provide call center technology to the Oregon Department of Corrections - Inside Oregon Enterprises.

July, 2003 - AT&T Wireless DSC is selected to provide AT&T Wireless personnel with emergency broadcast messages when any of its telecom equipment or components fail.

April, 2003 - Telvue Inc. Database Systems Corp. is awarded a contract to provide Telvue Inc with its Voice Broadcasting phone dialer for promoting Pay-Per-View sporting events.

March, 2003 - Board Of Jewish Education Database Systems Corp. is awarded a contract to provide emergency messaging services to the Board of Jewish Education. Messages can be recorded, call lists selected, and message broadcasting initiated all via an 800 number phone call.

July, 2002 - State Of New Jersey Database Systems Corp. is awarded a contract to provide inbound 800 phone answering services to the State of New Jersey, Department of Community Affairs. Services provide callers with information satisfying the state's stringent Freedom of Information Act.