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DSC Predictive Dialer


DATABASE SYSTEMS CORP. (DSC) has developed a fully functional hardware/software predictive dialer known as the PACER Series. In the past, DSC has provided predictive dialing capability to its customers using general purpose phone switches such as ASPECT and LUCENT (G3). Although these solutions are very functional, they tend to be expensive. As a result, DSC designed its own predictive dialer using industry standard components (INTEL Pentium Processors, MICROSOFT WINDOWS NT Server, and DIALOGIC Telephony Cards). Using these relatively inexpensive components, DSC can now provide call centers with predictive dialer hardware at a fraction of the cost of other commercial predictive dialer products.

With this affordable predictive dialer, many small and medium call centers and Telemarketing service agencies can provide their organizations and customers with the same high volume dialing capability that, in the past, was only available with rather expensive phone systems and dialers. And by using industry standard components, these centers can rely on local service and support groups to provide any needed hardware maintenance and replacement assistance at more affordable rates.

DATABASE SYSTEMS CORP. has been in business for over 20 years and has been providing call center software solutions for more than 10 years. As a software developer, DSC has taken a unique approach to designing the DSC predictive dialer. This dialer is fully integrated with TELEMATION, a call center software solution. The combination of these two products provides call centers with one of the most functional and cost effective Predictive Dialers on the market today.


The true power of a predictive dialer is the ability to dial a group of numbers at a rate that optimizes the performance of a call center group. It must also attempt to reach the maximum number of individuals at the most effective contact time. A simple predictive dialercannot achieve this goal by itself. At best, it takes a list of phone numbers and dials them at a rate that can effectively keep a set of call center agents busy while minimizing nuisance calls. TELEMATION provides management with the tools necessary to optimize agent performance and manage the call lists required to feed the predictive dialer. Some of the features of TELEMATION that support the operation of the DSC predictive dialer are:

Call List Management
Campaign Management
Site Control Parameters
Operator (TMR) Parameters
Operator Statistics
Campaign Statistics

The Call List Manager is an effective tool for managing the list of phone numbers to be dialed. With this system, the TELEMATION Systems Administrator can define an unlimited number of call lists that feed the DSC Predictive Dialer. These lists can be prioritized based upon start and end dates as well as the time of day. Unique search criteria can be established so that demographic information about the person to be called can be used. Call back date and time can also be used as criteria for establishing a list.

Other features of TELEMATION enhance the operation of a call center (when used with the DSC Predictive Dialer). These include a complete campaign administration system, which provides the systems administrator with the tools required to create and manage an unlimited number of call campaigns. Complete operator (TMR) control is provided by TELEMATION, which can manage the availability and status of each TMR. TELEMATION also provides the systems administrator with a complete set of system, campaign, and operator statistics for management feedback and control. A comprehensive reporting system is also provided within TELEMATION.

These are just a few of the features of TELEMATION.


The initial implementation of the DSC predictive dialerperforms Outbound Predictive Dialing functions (as well as other functions such as Preview and Progressive dialing). Limited Inbound capability is available with this system including some ACD functionality. More complete inbound features will be available in future releases.

The Stand-alone predictive dialersystem is comprised of the following components:

INTEL Pentium III Processor

This processor is the primary predictive dialerServer (running Windows NT) which hosts the DSC control programs and Switch API Library.


The WINDOWS Operating System controls the predictive dialer Server. All programs that execute on this server are under WINDOWS control.

DIALOGIC Telephony Boards

The DSC predictive dialerServer is housed in a cabinet containing the INTEL Pentium II Processor (as well as supporting CD ROM, tape and communications systems, etc.). Industry Standard DIALOGIC Telephony Boards also reside in this same cabinet and are interconnected to the INTEL processor. These Telephony Boards physically connect outside phone lines (Digital or Analogue) and inside phone sets (headsets).

DSC Switch Program

DATABASE SYSTEMS CORP. has developed the Switch Control program that is maintained on the DSC predictive dialer Server. This program interfaces to the DIALOGIC boards to control the phone functionality and maintains the user interface for the switch control and reporting functions.

Switch Control Database

The Switch Control Database resides on the DSC predictive dialer Server. It contains Trunk specification, Station status information, and certain ACD record information as well as other control data. The Switch Control Database is managed by the Systems Administrator and can be updated on a real-time basis using the Switch Management Control Program.

Switch API Library

The Switch API Library is a collection of functions used to communicate with and control the switch program. Some of the basic functions controlled by this library are:

Switch Logon and Logoff
Set TMR Availability Status
Make Phone Call
Make Predictive Phone Call
Get Phone Switch Event
Disconnect A Call
Place And Retrieve Call On Hold
Transfer A Call
Connect An Inbound Call
3-way Conference
Monitor Station


This is a TELEMATION program that also resides on the DSC predictive dialerServer and uses the Switch API Library to control the phone switch. The actual predictive dial pacing logic is contained in this program. It requests phone numbers to be dialed from the List Manager residing on the TELEMATION Server. ACDMON paces the dialing sequence of these numbers based upon an algorithm dependent upon control parameters and system performance.

The following is a sample screen used by the Systems Administrator to control the operation of ACDMON:


The DSC predictive dialerworks well in a predominantly Outbound Call Center. There are centers that manage both inbound and outbound campaigns and require a general purpose phone system for its operation. DSC currently supports many of these switches in TELEMATION using the following protocols:


The DSC predictive dialerwill interface with these switches in conjunction with the above protocols as well as DIALOGIC’s CT-CONNECT.

The advantages of the DSC predictive dialerworking with a General Purpose Switch are many, but the disadvantage may be cost. Sophisticated ACD features, Voice Recording, Voice Mail, Internet Access, and Auto Attendant are just a few of the options available with most phone systems. General purpose phone switches vary in expense and in size. Some of these switches (as referenced in the Overview) already have Predictive Dial capability, yet the upgrade to include this functionality usually exceeds the cost of a separate Predictive Dialer.


DSC's predictive dialer incorporates both predictive dialer features as well as general phone system options. These include:

Complete ACD and Call routing features
ANI and DNIS support
Auto Call Attendant
Voice Mail
Voice Recording
Internet Support
Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb
Caller ID

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