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Telecommuting Technology and Remote Agents

Telecommuting remote agents With technology from Database Systems Corp., the concept of a virtual call center is now a practical reality. Consider having your call center workforce accepting and making calls from remote offices or even from home. Also consider having monitoring and control technology in place to make this scenario possible. Perhaps even your supervisors are working from home as well. Also consider having a phone system that answers your customer inquiries on its own, but with agents available if ever needed. This phone system can even contact your customers or prospects with announcements and alerts.

Allowing your employees to work from home gives you a competitive edge over traditional call centers. Now you can hire highly qualified individuals who could not otherwise commute to your center. Handicapped individuals, single parents and the elderly can now become an integral part of your remote workforce.

The following is an article relating to telecommuting technology products and services.

The Work from Home Revolution

A Home Business Article Contributed by Amber Mcnaught

The Work from Home Revolution

There's a revolution going on in the jobs marketplace - more and more people are making the decision to work at home.

It's hardly surprising, really. The internet has turned the world into a global market place. If we can buy and sell any number of products from the comfort of our home, the ability to buy and sell our work skills and expertise was the next logical step.

How the Internet Has Made It Easier to Work from Home.

It seems like every week a new web site pops up, offering work at home professionals the opportunity to bid on freelance jobs or offer their services for a wide range of work from home projects.

Employers are catching on to this new way of working: and they're starting to realize how it can benefit them. Rather than paying an assistant to sit at a desk in their offices five days a week, whether or not there's work for her to do, they can pay her to work from home, as and when required. It makes good financial sense - hence the upsurge in contract or freelance workers.

Email, too, plus the advent of high speed internet connections, has made it far easier for people to work from home. Is it any wonder that people are starting to see the advantages of getting a work from home job for themselves?

How Work from Home Professionals Give Businesses a Global Workforce.

These days it's not unusual for a work from home secretary, say, to have clients in Europe, Australia and all across America. Using the internet and email, it doesn't really matter where your workforce is based, as long as they get the job done. Not only does this globalization of the workforce allow businesses to benefit from a much larger pool of staff, it also makes it easier for people to work from home. Workers are no longer confined to the types of industries which dominate their local area: they can choose any industry they like, and work for clients all over the world.

Why a Work from Home Job is More Productive.

Away from the distractions of the office - ringing phones, beeping faxes, chattering colleagues, obnoxious managers - it's much easier to put your head down and just get on with the job. Many people who've successfully made the transition from conventional work for an employer to work which they can do from home, say that they can deliver more and higher quality work in less time than they did in their conventional job.

Most importantly, they're far happier while they do it. They get to choose their hours and environment, and work around children, home and other commitments. By doing so they become healthier, less stressed and more productive - and who would say no to that?

Could the office cubicle, then, be about to become a thing of the past? With the number of people giving up the day job in order to work at home growing every year, it's starting to look like a distinct possibility.