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Phone Volunteers and Virtual Call Centers

volunteer phone agents Using technology from Database Systems Corp., the concept of a virtual volunteer phone center now becomes a practical reality. Your phone volunteers can now accept or make calls from home or remote locations. DSC provides all of the monitoring and control technology to make this scenario possible. With our virtual call center products, even your supervisors can work from home as well.

Also consider having a phone system that answers inquiries on its own, but with volunteers available if ever needed. This phone system can contact individuals with announcements and emergency alerts.

This is all possible with our Virtual phone system and supporting phone software. No longer will your center's operation be hampered by factors such as bad weather preventing your volunteers from commuting to a center. Your volunteers can even keep working with some illness or family situation that would typically keep them from coming into your volunteer center. You now can recruit (and retain) some of your best phone volunteers who are unable to travel to your center. Using our call center service, growth is limited only by your ability to add volunteers, not phone equipment, office and parking space.

Contact DSC for a FREE analysis and quote and to learn more about these services and products.

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"All Aboard Ohio seeks to preserve, expand and improve existing passenger rail services by educating the general public, interested groups, and federal, state and local officials. We believe it is appropriate to invest public dollars in private railroad infrastructure when it leads to public benefits such as job creation, economic development and passenger service." - AllAboardOhio!

AllAboardOhio! contracts services with Database Systems Corp. at our phone support center. AllAboardOhio! contacts its members using our phone services and provides information on upcoming legislation. During a recent campaign, members were called by our phone center and a recorded message informed them of the Governor of Ohio's position on a pending bill. Each member could choose to have this call transferred to the governor's office for the member to voice concern. Because of the objections raised by so many of these members, the governor of Ohio changed positions on the bill, agreeing with AllAboardOhio!. The public's voice was heard.

Virtual Phone Center Expands Your Pool Of Volunteers

Allowing your volunteers to work from home gives you a significant advantage over traditional volunteer phone bank centers. Now you can recruit highly qualified individuals who could not otherwise commute to your center.

Handicapped individuals, single parents and the elderly can now become an integral part of your volunteer pool. This is all made possible by our virtual phone technology.

Purchase Phone System Or Outsource Your Volunteer Programs

Your volunteer organization can purchase our phone system or outsource your calling campaigns at our virtual call center. With outsourcing, you simply manage your volunteers and campaigns and we manage all of the technology and phone equipment. volunteer phone system

If you are performing a calling campaign, simply provide us with your list of contacts and the list of available volunteers. Optionally, we can play a recorded message to each contacted individual before they speak with one of your volunteers.

If you are providing a call in service, we will provide you with an 800 number for your callers. Likewise, you will provide us with the list of potential volunteers and the greeting message you wish to be played to your callers. We can also provide a sophisticated automatic call answering program that provides information to your caller before speaking with a volunteer.

Dynamic Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers can now be dynamically recruited using our phone technology. Lists of potential volunteers can be called using our automatic phone dialer with a message requesting their assistance in your volunteer campaign. If available, a volunteer can stay on call, accepting inbound calls or responding to an outbound phone call placed by our system. When a volunteer needs a break or wishes to "unvolunteer", the volunteer simply presses a touchtone key on the phone and our phone system automatically recruits another volunteer from your pool.

Individuals can volunteer to handle phone calls by calling a special 800 number and placing themselves in the pool of volunteers.

Dialing Campaigns With Volunteers

Outbound calling campaigns can be completely managed by this phone service. A pool of volunteers can be recruited automatically by our phone system. Special instructions can be programmed with our phone system providing the necessary information and instructions to your recruits. These messages can be easily recorded and managed by your administrative staff.

After the volunteer has been familiarized with these instructions, our phone system can begin calling individuals from your contact list and connected with your volunteers. If an answering machine is detected, our phone system can automatically play a recorded message.

At any time, your volunteer can simply press a designated phone number and will become unavailable for handling further calls.

This type of volunteer calling technique is well suited for the following types of call campaigns:

  • Political action campaigns
  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaigns
  • Emergency Notification (When personal communication is required)
  • Fundraising Projects
  • Volunteer Recruitment

Phone Answering Service Volunteers

In a similar fashion, volunteers can be recruited to answering questions from callers. A pool of volunteers can be called to handle incoming phone calls. Once a quota has been reached for this pool, no additional volunteers will be called. If a volunteer opts out of the pool, another volunteer can be recuited automatically by our system.

As incoming call volume rises and the pool needs to be increased, our phone system can do the recruitment for you to reduce or eliminate caller wait times.

For non emergency phone answering service, volunteers can be contacted "on demand". When an incoming call needs to be answered by an individual, our phone system can recruit a volunteer from a pool and connect the first available volunteer with the caller. This provides a slower response to the caller, but the delay may be acceptable, especially if the caller is aware that our phone system is calling for the next volunteer.

This type of community and volunteer call answering service is ideal for the following types of phone service:

  • Fundraising Telethons
  • Lost Pet Response Center
  • Special Assistance Programs
  • Medical Assistance or Response (Non Emergency)
  • Non Emergency (911) Information Response
  • Church or School Event Response
  • Handicapped and Elderly Assistance (Non Emergency)

Virtual Volunteer Center Savings and Benefits

  • Less office space and resource requirement
  • More productive and efficient volunteers
      [reduce wasted travel time]
  • Increased energy conservation
  • Remote office interoperability
  • Less impact from weather conditions
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Remote Office Integration
  • More motivated and content workforce
  • Broader volunteer recruiting base
  • Increased volunteer retention
  • Easier peak business volunteer management
  • Decreased environmental impact
      [no commute means zero vehicle emissions]

Product Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our virtual call center and telecommuting products.