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predictive dialers and crm software
computer telephony software predictive dialer

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predictive dialers and crm software

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predictive dialers and crm software

DSC Tech Library

Application Development Toolkit Software

Application Development Toolkit This section of our technical library presents information and documentation relating to Application Development software and products. To develop new or upgrade legacy applications for today’s network environments, the NDK components TRANSACT, FASTPlus, EZTRAN, and THIN CLIENT are required as a minimum. A copy of the THIN CLIENT is required for each PC accessing the final application. The NDK / Server software component can reside on UNIX, LINUX, or a Windows/NT server.

TRANSWRITER - Report Writer

TRANSWRITER is a menu driven report and display writing system. Designed for the development of simple and complex reports, TRANSWRITER lets developers build displays or reports in a fraction of the time required using traditional programming methods.  By simply depressing function keys and filling in the blanks on the screen, developers can define complex reports or displays in just minutes. Although TRANSWRITER minimizes the need to employ programming, developers can still integrate subroutines within a report. This combination gives developers both high level report definition plus the flexibility to perform special processing.  TRANSWRITER is not a programming language nor a program generator. Instead, it is a step-by-step report definition system that lets developers create and maintain reports from a menu driven system.  TRANSWRITER produces complete documentation for each report. Novice users can produce simple reports in just minutes. Experienced users can produce very sophisticated reports in just hours.


Features include; Fast report development through sophisticated top-down approach; Support of multi-file reports using relational techniques; Directs output to multiple media including PCs, workstations, terminals, printers, files and aux ports; Extensive multi-file sorting on ascending and descending keys; Unlimited breakpoint support with flexible output at each level; Complete Boolean search criteria at each level within a report including multiple file search capability; Unique Report Painter that allows developers to describe the report on the screen exactly as it will appear when output; Extensive field editing including conditional compute, display, update, and a full range of field edits; Immediate and batch report execution; Complete run-time support library including report execution and report modification as well as data manipulation routines; Fully integrated HELP Utility at each point within the development phase of a report.

TRANSWRITER general capabilities

The Executive

With the Executive system, developers define, create, maintain, and document custom reports. Development functions such as defining report files, file relationships, field labels, report layouts, and report output media are a few of the processes that are controlled through this utility. Other features of the Executive are complete report documentation generation, print and display utilities, copy functions, and much more.

Run System

The Run System of TRANSWRITER controls the actual report execution. Once a report is created under the Executive, a separate run system executes the report. The Run System is comprised of both on-line and batch utility programs. Therefore, any report may be executed from any user terminal or PC, or through the TRANSWRITER batch control program. Custom run system programs may be created incorporating user written subroutines to perform complex reporting functions. These subroutines may be written in any programming language, as well as in EZTRAN.