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predictive dialers and crm software
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ACD Automatic Call Distribution

acd system and auto call distribution system route calls This section of our technical library presents information and documentation relating to ACD Systems and Automatic Call Distribution software and products. Automatic call distribution systems are the heart of inbound call centers. ACDS are call routing programs for incoming calls and can be even used to route calls originated by our predictive dialer to the next available agent. Our PACER and Wizard phone systems comes with a complete automatic call distribution system for call routing.

The PACER and Wizard ACD system and automatic call distributor can route calls based on the dialed phone number (DNIS) and the time of day. Additionally, the PACER IVR system can intelligently route calls using complex conditional logic.

PACER ACD Phone Activity Monitor (PAM)

acd system and auto call distribution system route calls

ACD Phone Activity Monitor

The PACER and WIZARD Phone Activity Monitor (PAM) is a standard tool provided with our call center phone systems. The PACER (digital) and WIZARD (analog) phone systems are each provided with this phone monitoring software tool. This tool monitors the activity of both inbound and outbound phone calls while the phone system is in operation.

There are three areas of our phone systems that PAM can monitor. They are inbound call activity, outbound predictive dialer call activity and general agent workstation activity. Each area has access to the other areas or you can run PAM more than one time specifying the area to be monitored.

The following topics are covered in this document: