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Phone Activity Monitor (PAM)

Installing the Phone Activity Monitor (PAM) software

Windows 95

The first installation task is to add the tcp service entry to the systems "services" file located in "C:\windows". Open the services file using Notepad and enter the bold line below between the same two entries as shown and save the file.

     eklogin     2105/tcp      # Kerberos encrypted rlogin
     dscnmq    5200/tcp      dscnmq
     rmt             5555/tcp      rmtd

If the you wish to use a host name rather than an IP address to specify the Pacer system PAM will be monitoring, modify using "Notepad" the "Hosts" or 'hosts" file found in "C:\windows\" add the IP address and host name as in the example below.

     123.456.789.1      DIALER

The next step is to run a setup program that establishes the Windows 95 connection to the new Services entry added in the first step. Running the program W95ws2setup.exe will install the required software. Once installed the system will need to be restarted.

With the system restarted the PAM installation can now be performed by running the DscPam3.253.exe program. This will start the self extracting process by requesting a location to place all the extracted files. When the files are all extracted you can exit the extraction process and run the setup.exe program in the location specified during the extraction.