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predictive dialers and crm software

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predictive dialers and crm software
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predictive dialers and crm software
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Marketing Leads Provider

Marketing software solution Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides technology and products for marketing and sales organizations. Our advanced call center phone system lets you communicate with your customers, distributors, and agents.

The following organization provides leads to marketing and sales organizations.

Information presented on this page was provided by the company or is public information published on the company's website. Database Systems Corp. does not endorse these services nor warrant the accuracy of this information. For current information, please visit the company's website listed below.

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marketing lead provider

Exact Sales Leads

Choose your SIC codes, or response data. We have many hard to find lists, including executives at home.

Find data which gives us an indication of a companies buying habits. we have a large number of Executive Contact Titles available to choose from

Our team of experts will help you identify the types of companies which are most likely to generate the maximum response for your Business Direct Marketing campaign.

Company Profile Information


      Custom Marketing Solutions Inc.
      14701 WIllard Rd Ste A
      Chantily, VA,20151

    Phone: 800-456-6169

    Email: info@exactsalesleads.com

    Website: www.exactsalesleads.com

Additional Company Information

You Can:

  • Reach Young Professionals or over 2 million influential Executives at nearly 800,000 companies.
  • Target New Businesses, or well established Businesses (including millions of Home-Based Businesses).
  • Find categories such as, Bankers, Insurance Agents, Import-Exporters.
  • Market to professionals such as Accountants and Lawyers.
  • Reach people in the Healthcare and Medical field at home or work.
  • Present your offers to Brand New Businesses!
  • Locate professionals by industry (i.e. Lawyers, Accountants, Realtors), at their home addresses.
  • Choose by Corporate Lineage.
  • Target Businesses by SIC Codes
  • Market to Teachers and Librarians either at home or at work.

Marketing Phone Systems and Software

exactsalesleads marketing Database Systems Corp. offers two different marketing phone systems. The PACER series supports digital T1 phone lines while the WIZARD phone system supports analog phone lines. These systems are both outbound marketing phone systems that also can process inbound marketing calls.

Calls are either initiated by the phone system or accepted from the outside and distributed in an intelligent fashion within your marketing representatives. The PACER and WIZARD include ACD and IVR components, plus call recording capability. Using industry standard components, our phone system has features and functions that can only be found in large scale PBXs, but at a fraction of the cost. And these phones have predictive dialing capability that cannot be found in most of larger telemarketing equipment.

The PACER and WIZARD phone system can connect calls to your employees working at home or in a local or remote sales office.