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mortgage predictive dialers and crm software

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mortgage predictive dialers and crm software
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mortgage leads directory Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides a comprehensive Mortgage Leads Directory of sites that provide mortgage marketing leads and telemarketing mortgage leads. DSC is a leading provider of call center technology including products and services that aid in the marketing of mortgages and home loans.

DSC, however, does not provide the leads required to market mortgages - thus we are providing a list of companies that provide these lists. We are currently providing 3 different types of listings - all are FREE.
  • Basic Website Listing - The first is a simple listing with no link to your website.
  • Reciprocating Websites - The second is the same listing but with a direct link to your website. This simply requires a reciprocal link from your website to ours.
  • Featured Websites - The third type of listing is a full page description of your products and services that you can provide us and we will publish it on our site. We require that you place a full page description of our products and services on your website.
We have found that this type of promotion is a great way to gain customer exposure as well as search engine ranking. And the best part is that it's FREE!

Please email the following information if you would like your website published in this directory. Send us the URL, title and description, and the states where your leads exist.

We also will provide a direct link back to your website, if you would likewise link to us from your site. Our link information is provided below as well.

NOTE Please only submit your website if you are a mortgage lead provider. We also provide a link exchange program for other business sites including mortgage processing and mortgage application related websites.

Mortgage Lead Provider Submission Information

Contact us via standard e-mail. and include the following information in this email:

  • Website URL
  • Title Of Website
  • Description Of Website
  • Which States You Provide Your Leads (ALL for nationwide support)
  • URL of Reciprocal Link Back To Our Website (Optional, see below)

Reciprocating Mortgage Websites with Link Exchange

Exchanging links with industry peers produces the best results for search engine placement. If you provide a quality link on your site to ours, we will provide a direct link to your site from your listing.

We do not accept all link exchange requests.

If you wish this type of reciprocal link, please provide a link from your site to ours using the following link information: If you wish a static link from this listing to your website, please provide a link from your site to ours using the following link information:

Database Website HTML Code

Example ...

Mortgage Marketing Solutions for Telemarketing Mortgage Leads - Database Systems Corp. provides mortgage software and phone systems for processing mortgage leads. Systems include predictive and auto dialers with lead tracking and loan calculation software.

PLEASE NOTE We are providing a free listing of your company and services and will provide you a link ONLY if you agree to provide a quality link in return.

Featured Mortgage Websites with Full Page Promotion

Database Systems Corp. will provide a FREE full page promotion of your mortgage leads service if you likewise would agree to provide Database with a full page promotion of its mortgage marketing products and services.

Contact DSC to learn more about this great way to promote your website.