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help desk phone messaging church phone systems and services With our call center message calling system, we can broadcast your political messages to targeted groups or to millions of households. Pre-recorded messages focusing on political issues can be played notifying party members of upcoming political events or fundraisers. You can broadcast political issues advertisements informing the public about your position on local propositions or national referendum. Different messages can be played to answering machines versus individuals. Simple to complex scripts can be developed for political polls by phone using our touchphone response technology. Calls can be directed to operators that are standing by or can be transferred to outside third parties.

Personalized information from a custom call list (such as name and title) can be included in political advertisings. In some campaigns, you may only want to leave a message if an answering machine is detected. In other campaigns, different messages can be played based upon contact with an answering machine or a person and based upon the time of day. An individual could be given a message with selection options using our interactive touchphone response system. Calls can be routed to political action groups or to banks of fundraisers. Multiple message campaigns can be performed at the same time, each with its own set of calling rules. Our political marketing system can conform to your specific campaign requirements.

For a further description of this technology, visit our Political Phone Campaigns web page.

Database Systems Corp. provides interactive voice response IVR services and voice broadcasting (robocall) services to a wide variety of companies and organizations. is our primary website for this service division of DSC.

Political Phone Call Applications

  • Political Fund Raising
  • Political Poll Data
  • Broadcast Issue Ads
  • Office Location/Hours
  • Get Out The Vote
  • Request Volunteers
  • Route Constituent Calls
  • 24 x 7 Service
  • Leave Messages
  • Political Events
  • Voice Mail Systems

The Ryan Committee
The Ryan Committee utilized Voice Broadcasting in order to broadcast an informative message on behalf of Charles Ryan. Calls were aimed at local constituents in order to generate votes for an upcoming election. is a division of The Chemeria Consultancy, an international multi-specialty consulting firm with four divisions:

  • Governmental Relations & Politics
  • Telecommunications
  • Finance, Credit and Collections
  • Internet Marketing
    The Chemeria Consultancy is a distributor of our 911 Broadcast in California and they utilize our voice broadcasting center to conduct electronic polls as well as broadcast political messages to live individuals and answering machines for a variety of candidates and propositions.

    Mello for Regent
    Jennifer Mello is a candidate running for regent of Colorado University. Ms. Mello utilized Voice Broadcasting in order to call 50,000 potential voters in her area and urge them to “get out and vote”.

    Pikes Peak Library District
    The Pikes Peak Library District contracted with our voice broadcasting call center to provide political get out the vote (GOTV) calls to constituents in this particular Colorado district.

    Rosalyn R. Dance
    Rosalyn R. Dance utilizes Voice Broadcasting in order to deliver an informative message regarding her bid for city council. Calls are targeted to local constituents in order to generate votes for an upcoming election.

    Your First Step International
    Broadcast political message to special prefixes with generic "get out and vote" message. Sent only to those areas where it was a known candidate that would benefit from a large voter turn out.

    Weed Man
    Weed Man provides products and services for the lawn care industry throughout Canada and the United States. Weed Man contracted with us to broadcast political messages throughout Canada using our voice broadcasting services and facilities.