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Telemarketing Companies and organizations looking for outbound and inbound telemarketing services can outsource their IVR and voice broadcasting projects at our affordable telemarketing center.

As designers of Interactive Voice Response IVR systems and Voice Broadcasting software, Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is uniquely positioned to manage your outsourcing programs saving your company both time and money. Because our products are created in-house, we can deliver comprehensive telemarketing services quickly -- providing you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Plus you will find our inbound and outbound telemarketing outsourcing services to be quite affordable.

The following is an article relating to the telemarketing industry including products and services in our business areas.

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By Art Sobczak


32. Objections can be avoided by doing everything else correctly up to this point in the call. When they do occur, resist the tendency to attack in defense. You must back up and revisit the questioning stage of the call. The voiced objection is simply a symptom of the real problem. Start by saying, "Let's talk about that."

33. If you have an indecisive prospect, get their mind off the buying decision, and on the problem or pain. For example, "Jan, let's look at this another way. What would happen if you did nothing about the situation? Remember, we detailed the fact you're missing sales opportunities every day. What will that amount to over just the next six months?"

34. Most price objections start in the mind of the salesperson. Many sales reps aren't 100% sold on the value of their product, therefore they're apt to offer price concessions even when the prospect doesn't flat-out ask, or they present price with a shaky tone of voice. Ask the right questions, present the results of what your product/service can do, and state the price boldly. (Also see our Special Report on "How to Never Lose Sales Because of Price Objections

35. Avoid Common Objections Mistakes: Using slick, prepared, objection rebuttals that only tell people they're wrong and intensifies the resistance; giving up before attempting to understand the reason behind the problem.


36. When sending information, samples, demos, etc., know precisely how they'll evaluate the material. How will they know if they like it? What criteria will they use? This way, you'll both be clear as to what would need to happen in order for them to buy.

37. When sending material, prepare them as to what they should look for. Otherwise, they'll get a package of materials and say, "Oh, there's a package of materials," and then toss it on the mountain of other stuff in their office. But, if you tell them to look for the catalog that will be opened to the page with the product they are interested in, and you'll have the three or four models highlighted that are most appropriate for them, there would be a greater likelihood they'd look at it. (Also see Art's free article, "When to Send Literature, And  When It's Just a Brush Off."

38. The success of your follow-up call is directly relational to what you accomplished, and how you ended the previous one. Never say, "I'll send you out some stuff, and we'll go from there." From where? Summarize agreed-to actions by both parties, including what happened, what they're interested in, and what will happen next. And set the agenda for the next call. Makes it so much easier to prepare for the follow-up call, and helps you avoid starting calls with the useless question, "I sent you the material, didja get it?", or "Whatdidja think?" For example, "Ok Pat, I'll send the proposal detailing the quantity price breaks. What you'll do is compare that to what you're getting now, and if we're within 5%, you'll agree to a trial order on our next call, is that right?"


39. You never have to experience rejection again. After all, what is rejection? It's not an experience-it's your definition of the experience. So, ensure that you accomplish something on each call, and you can hold your head high with a sense of achievement. Remember, a decision of any type is better than shadow-chasing someone who will waste your time with wimpy or misleading statements that cause you to believe there's a chance, when, in fact, there's not.

40. A good way to end a call where you don't accomplish your primary objection (and to never experience rejection) is to plant a seed for the future. Give them something to look for, based upon what you uncovered during the call ... something that might just cause them to call you back. For example, "Pat, it looks like we don't have a fit here, today, but I suggest that if you ever find yourself needing an emergency job finished, and don't have the staff to handle it, give us a call. We specialize in those type of projects, and would love to talk to you." Everyone has been surprised by those written-off prospects who later called to order. This is a way to proactively make it happen more often.

41. Imagine every day is the end-of- quota-period day. I've noticed that reps tend to pick up the pace and behave like tornado in a hurricane when they reach the last couple days of a quota period, doing whatever is necessary to squeeze out those last few sales. When you coast, you're going downhill Get focused on a goal, and pursue it with single-minded determination.

42. As a sales professional using the phone as your main method of communication, you perform a function that very few people in the world could do well, or would even want to try. And that's persuading someone to take action and make a decision, based almost solely on the words and ideas that come from your mouth. It's quite an awesome feat when you think about it. And do think about it. It takes a talented individual to be able to do that well. You are that person. Feel proud of what you do, and always strive to get better!

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(Art Sobczak specializes in helping people say and do the right things to get more business using the phone and avoid rejection through his books, tapes, and seminars.  See free back issues of his weekly TelE-Sales Hot Tips of the Week newsletter at