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predictive dialers and crm software

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CRM Customer Relationship Management This section of our technical library presents information and documentation relating to CRM Solutions and Customer relationship management software and products. Providing customer service is vital to maintaining successful business relationships. Accurate and timely information provided in a professional manner is the key to any business and service operation. Telemation, our CRM software application, was built on this foundation. But the flexibility to change is just as important in this dynamic business environment. Telemation call center software was designed with this concept from the very beginning. That is why so many call center managers, with unique and changing requirements, have chosen and continue to use Telemation CRM software as their solution. Our Telemation CRM solution is ideally suited for call center service bureaus.

Database Systems Corp. URL Ranks #1 in SPI Report for CRM
DSC Domain Garnishes Top 10 Position As Well

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Search Penetration Index (SPI): 02.16.04
Topic for February 16, 2004: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We searched 344,500 records over 5 hours, 17 minutes, using 6,892 search phrases to obtain 25,045 unique domains and 86,307 unique URLs for this report.

Sample Keywords: crm relationship management, supply chain management, application, web based, system, workflow, call center (to see the full list, purchase the complete SPI report by writing us at


Domain Score
1. 70.945
2. 42.236
3. 39.209
4. 38.672
5. 38.081
6. 36.289
7. 29.241
8. 27.884
9. 24.495
10. 22.51

URLS: Top Ten

1. 17.774
2. 9.642
3.,119... 9.481
4. 8.33
5. 7.77
6. 7.592
7. 7.073
8. 7.002
9. 6.965
10. 6.129



Domain Discussion...

Who's winning the web? When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the highly competitive interface between businesses and the buyers of their services and products, sometimes it's the independent information about the products that gets the most exposure on the web. CRM is among the most competitive spaces in Techland, so just keeping up with the latest evolution across various mediums is a nearly a full-time task.

To wit: Santa Monica, California-based and Needham, Massachusetts-based Tech Target garnered high spots on our SPI for this space. is, of course, the Biz portal/directory to end all portals, and Tech Target runs the newsletter portal and the selective Tech Target conferences. Not to say none of the big CRM companies are absent from the Top Ten Domains; au contraire. Tech Target offers newsletters specific to Siebel customers.

And, San Francisco-based, the web-only CRM applications company, just made the Top Ten (#10), ahead of folks like Oracle, SAP and Siebel, but behind, the Athens, Greece (yep!) CRM information firm, and behind the open 'net directory,

But it's hard to beat a score of 70+, for, when the next folks down the penetration totem pole, are cyber-retailing phoenix, with 67% less penetration, at a 42-and-change score. Privately-held Salesforce just made the cut with a score of 22.51, some 215% less penetration than Still, Salesforce's achievement is impressive when we look at the domain scores of the Big Three or Four...

SAP chugged in at #16, Siebel at #23 and Manugistics at #122. We couldn't even locate Oracle in the Top 150, at least not from their top-level domain.

Knowledgestorm provided a non-too-shabby score that put it in the Top Five Domains (#5). The technology search portal out of an Atlanta suburb landed smack in the middle of the Ten Ten, yet as you will see couldn't place an URL in the Top Twenty URLs; massive number of occurences? Read on...

URL Discussion...

Once again, the name of the game here Well, we want low average positions (i.e., 1 is better than 2), but high numbers of occurences. OK, maybe it's like match-play!

When we look at who owns the urls in the Top Ten, comes up with a deuce...they've got information connected to their "software" and "management consulting" sub-directories. Oddly, powerhouse doesn't appear in the Top Ten URLs, nor the Top Twenty URLs, for that matter. Maybe not so odd when one considers that Knowledgestorm has the second highest number of occurences after, and a solid average position (see the full report), thereby boosting it's overall domain strength on the SPI.

Database Systems Corp., which showed in the Top Ten Domains, grabs the top URL placement (#1). A number of kids that didn't crack the Top Ten Domains, do, of course, snatch a Top Ten URL placement: (#32), (#26) and #12), to name three.

Two of these, Both FirstWave and CIO had 1100+ occurences, we can see why they were able to grab top spots in the URL list. Jupitermedia's eCRMGuide product had a single digit score (9.96) and under 1000 occurences, but boosted its aggregate URL score with an average position of 15, somewhat better than its nearest neighbors with average positions in the twenties.


**The SPI measures who's winning the web via a proprietary algorithm that calculates websites' exposure to particular topics via keywords. The algorithm weights various factors to come up with a score, which is used to rank the sites in the index. To see the complete index for this topic, for more information about SPI, or to purchase a customized SPI for your niche or business, please write us at WhatRank?.

Search Penetration Index, SPI, SPI Report, WhatRank?,, and "Who's Winning the Web" are trademarks of and WR Media. Copyright 2004. All Rights Reserved. Other marks, brands and websites mentioned in this column and the SPI report are not affiliated with WR Media and are the property of their respective owners.