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predictive dialers and crm software

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DSC Tech Library

telecommunications software solution This section of our technical library presents information and documentation relating to Call Center technology and Best Practices plus software and products. Since the Company's inception in 1978, DSC has specialized in the development of communications software and systems. Beginning with our CRM and call center applications, DSC has developed computer telephony integration software and PC based phone systems. These products have been developed to run on a wide variety of telecom computer systems and environments.

The following article relates to call center technology or customer service best practices and techniques.

7 Tips for Winning Customer Appreciation & Loyalty

by: Laurie Meade

I am sure you have heard it before. The money is in your list. With a blog it can be in how many pick up and read your articles through RSS Feeds.

Follow up with your customers or your business will die.

Here is a good list that will help you stay targeted in the right direction toward building your customer database.

    1. Make others feel important. Put them first.

    You need to make sure your writing puts the WIFM,(What's in it for Me?} thoughts in their minds. Emphasize the advantages you can offer them.

    2. Draw a picture in their minds.

    Customer's need a clear idea of what benefits are involved for them. They need to understand how they are going to gain advantages over other's by owning your product. Use storie's to create a vision of how they will succeed after following the information you provide to them.

    3. Follow the golden rule.

    Go over your ad copy. Put yourself in the place of your customer. How would you feel if this were you making a purchase. Is what you are offering worth more than what you are asking? Is it believable, or does it sound hyped up to much? Treat your customers the way you expect to be treated . An unhappy customer will not help your business grow. You want them to be so happy they can't wait to do business with you again.

    4. Share some of your flaws.

    If people suspect that you're covering up your mistakes, you will lose credibility. Get real, share a little bit of yourself, show them how a problem for you ended up with the development of a product as a solution.

    5. Never criticize other businesses harshly.

    Negative advertising bashing will only come back to haunt you. Public praise encourages others to excel, but public criticism only embarrasses and alienates everyone. If you bad mouth a comptetitor, your customer may fear that the next person you speak badly about may be him.

    6. Be open to feedback. Encourage it.

    You need to be available to your customers. Automation is good, but make sure you answer feedback promptly and whenever posible with a personal touch. Make autoresponse messages as personalized as possible without overdoing it. Email other website owners, compliment their sites and blogs, ask questions, and observe how business is being handled. Often you will gain new insights into your work and find new opportunities. This is how joint ventures are born. This is the spirit of community that is found with the new blogging sensation online.

    7. Deal with problems and conflicts quickly and positively.

    No one wants to deal with irate customers. Look at a problem customer as an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than as a thorn in your side. Your business will benefit from the experience. Analyze how the problem can be avoided in the future.
I recently had one of my subscribers email me asking me questions on where he could promote his ebook. I had tons of resources on my hard drive I had saved, but knew it would take me some time to put a list together. I emailed this subscriber, told him it might be a day or so, but that I would put a list together for him.The next evening I spent a few hours building this list. I also forwarded him an ezine that specialized in this area.

The feedback I received from him was awesome and made my day. I learned something very valuable too.I had been under the assumption, that just because I could find it, everyone else could too. The list I compiled will become part of my major information product I offer. It was a win-win for both of us. I made a friend in the process as well.

Follow these seven tips, go the extra mile and your business will grow and prosper.

About The Author

Laurie Meade a WAHM. She specializes in writing reviews of the ebooks, software and internet marketing products. Topics of interest for reviews include parenting, journaling, internet marketing, and most anything that involves a computer.:o)

Visit her blog here