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Analog Phone Predictive Dialers

The following are the detailed hardware specifications for our Wizard series analog phone systems. These configurations may be upgraded and are representative of the quality of the hardware components that comprise this series of phone systems.

T2000 Hardware Specifications

predictive dialer

PACER T-2000 Mid-Tower
  • 1 T-Series ATX Midtower Chassis + 350W Power Supply 1 Included
  • 2 8CM Fan w/ Power Connect Cable 1 Included
  • 3 Fan Extension Bracket for PCCHA1003 1 Included
  • 4 ATX Motherboard P4 865G S478 1 Included
    AGP 1x4x8x +VGA +NIC 6PCI Slots 1 Included
  • 5 Intel CPU P4 3.06GHz 512K 533FSB S478 1 Included
  • 6 256MB DDR PC3200 400MHz Memory, LP 1 Included
  • 7 Floppy 3.5" 1.44MB - Black 1 Included
  • 8 CDROM EIDE 52x Internal 1 Included
  • 9 Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 40GB ATA/100 Hard Drive 1 Included
  • 10 Windows 2000 Professional 1 Included
  • 11 Integration, Level T-Series 1 Included
  • 12 56K US Rob. V.92 Modem 1 Included
  • 13 Keyboard/Mouse Combo - Black 1 Included
  • 14 SR 5.1.1 WIN CD 1 Included

I-4000 Hardware Specifications

predictive dialer

  • 1 I-Series 4000x, RM Chassis, 300W RPS 1 Included
  • 2 ATX P4 865G S478 AGP1x4x8x/VGA/LAN DDR 6PCI 1 Included
  • 3 CPU P4 3.0GHz 512K 800FSB S478 1 Included
  • 4 Cable ATX 4P to P4 12V 1 Included
  • 5 512MB PC3200 non-ECC Unbuffered LP 1 Included
  • 6 CDROM EIDE 52x Int. 1 Included
  • 7 Floppy 3.5" 1.44MB - Black 1 Included
  • 8 Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 40GB ATA/100 Hard Drive 1 Included
  • 9 Windows 2000 Professional 1 Included
  • 10 56K US Rob. V.92 Modem 1 Included
  • 11 I-Series 24" Rails 1 Included
  • 12 I-Series 7" Rail Extension 1 Included
  • 13 Keyboard/Mouse Combo- PS2 - Black 1 Included
  • 14 Lab, Telephony 1 Included
  • 15 Integration, Level 2 (I-4000) 1 Included

Intel / Dialogic Telephony Boards

The following boards are supported in our analog phone systems:

Analog Line Phone Cards

  • D41JCTLS 4 line analog card
  • D120JCTLSU 12 line analog card

Agent Station Cards

  • MSI/80 PCI Global 8 agent station card
  • MSI/160 PCI Global 16 agent station card

Database Systems Corp. Product Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our call center software and phone systems.

NOTE: Certain telemarketing activities and the use of pre-recorded messages and predictive dialers are governed by state and federal law. Please familiarize yourself with these laws by visiting our Telemarketing Sales Rules web page.